{Home is where the HEART is}


For the past year, people having been calling me a bit of a free spirit, a wonderer, looking lost, searching for something quiet young girl.
Today, I saw what they meant.
Maybe unfortunately, life has shown me to not to get attached. To be wild, noncommittal, and carefree.
That yes, they do care, but they probably won’t show their care as fast as me. That texts will remain unanswered, and emails get shoved aside. And no, plans often don’t go the way that you want them to.
I’ve chosen my road, the direction was decided.
To remain, for the moment, completely unattached.
To be a free spirit, and learn as I go. To know without a doubt, where my roots will grow.
I hear what you’re saying, I read it loud and clear. Maybe settle down, stop running on E. but the adrenaline, see? Why “settle”, down? Let’s give ourselves some stories to tell.
I can’t help but sigh as I can see the end 2017. What a battle I fought.
Next year though, I’ll have some better stories to tell.

So good-bye 2017. I fare-thee-well.

Hello 2018. I welcome thee, with open arms.

  “The world will be my home. Maybe I’ll be a travelling gypsy, earning cash with just my voice and a guitar. Being free, creating art, and expressing my soul.”